Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's "Fall"-ing

Summer is taking its last stand here in Montreal, it's hot and humid as if it was July. One knows that Fall is around the corner though, the leaves have already started to turn, and there have been a couple of crisp nights in the weeks before.

I have a lot going on, new things and old things that have to be dealt with. New for instance is a teaching experience. I am teaching a beginner's sock class and it's my first time. It's exciting and scary at once, because when I get nervous I tend to babble. A lot. I guess I'll get over that.

At the end of September I'll be going to Fibre Fest North, I had meant to put up the button forever. (You know how it is, right, you think of what you want to do and then you turn around and a month has passed. I still don't know how that happens, though it's a very freqent occurence in my life.) I am looking forward to this very much, especially since my husband will tag along and it'll be a mini-vacation for both of us. I certainly hope he'll enjoy it as well.

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katherine said...

Okay, this just gets weirder -- I'm teaching a sock class, too, in a few weeks time.

And yes, I'm nervous as all get out about it. I'm sure I'm going to be The Worst Teacher Ever.


We're lucky -- we had the cold front blow through last night, and although it was still hot today, it was *much* less humid.