Friday, September 12, 2008

One last hurrah

We're in count down mode, 9 days to go - and I still don't think I'm going to make it to the actual due date.

Last week I wanted to attend my 'last' knit nights - one on Wednesday in NDG and one on Thursday at ariadne. I only made it to ariadne, since I had what I assume 'false labor' Wednesday evening and all through the night. While not really painful it was very distracting so I didn't go knitting. Thursday morning came and it finally stopped, so I did go to ariadne.

Egg received lovely gifts from very thoughtful friends, look:

Danica gave me this fabulous skirt and look at these shoes! Adorable. (Judging from my shoe size I figure Egg will wear the shoes way before the skirt...)

Sharon gifted Egg with the "Oolong Baby Cardi" - she actually used the pattern of the Oolong socks (how cool is that?) to fabricate this lovely little number:

Robyn had brought me also a gift on Wednesday afternoon - one can never have enough onesies, right? She adorned the white one with a bug herself, cute eh?

Thank you so much, ladies, all of the gifts are appreciated and will be treasured!


Jennifer Lori said...

What fun! I especially love the Oolong cardigan!

Good luck between now and the birth, this is the time you'll need it!

Jenn said...

And here I am thinking I'll go way past my due date! Good luck!

katherine said...

I've been watching your counter and wondering how excited you must be!