Monday, September 29, 2008

Where's the baby?

(Even my UPS man has asked already...)

Well, after an appointment at the Hospital this morning we know that

- she's about 8 pounds 14 oz (4039 grams)
- she's about 22" tall (54 cm)
- everything looks fine
- labor can start any minute, says the doctor (ha, I've been thinking that for days now)
- I'm going to be induced, but the birthing center is back logged, so that most probably won't happen before tomorrow

And the baby of the ticker apparently had enough and went away! (Understandable. I was asked today if I liked being pregnant. Up to a certain point I did, now I'm just dragging through the day, 'enjoying' swollen feet and hands and, and, and...)


Sibylle said...

Oh poor you. Hope she decides to come soon, I can clearly remember how the last days of pregnancy felt and was happy that both arrived a few days earlier than expected. All my best wishes!


Jocelyn said...

If you're comfortable enough, you might want to take a vigorous walk before you get induced. I'm the veteran of two inductions (the first one when I was 0% effaced!). The first time around the change from tolerable to uncomfortable was like a light switch. Anyway, a walk might speed things up when the time comes. Good luck!

Jenn said...

Good luck with the induction!

~Jo~ said...

Woohoo! Egg will be here before you know it. I know it seems long but you are almost there.

Still keeping you and egg in my thoughts. :)