Sunday, September 13, 2009

Toe Woe

It looks like I'm on house arrest. Today I stepped on one of Egg's toys and one of my toes on my right foot got tangled in it, gave way and broke.


It stuck out in an awkward angle and hurt - after the initial adrenaline shock wore off. Once Rolf was home from his soccer game we went to an emergency clinic, where we spent the afternoon (I didn't bring any knitting, big idiot that I am!) waiting for x-rays and a doctor who said about my toe that "it is broken and crooked. I can yank on it to make it more straight but otherwise there's not much I can do." I let him yank.

OUCH! No, seriously, OUCH!!

Now the broken toe and the one next to it are taped together and I took some pain killers and won't be able to go out much for the next, say two or three weeks for sure.



CT said...

ouch!!! hope it heals sooner! ouch!!!!poor you!

marcy said...

Unfortunately, I can picture the scene all too well! Take care of yourself! maybe Egg will just sit around while you mend! hehe... knitting for the ER? cmon girl!!! bet it won't happen again! hehe

my monkey socks were an er start up knit last year! a real fast grab without a pattern even! haha
all the knits have a story right?

poor toes! :-(

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Ouch! That sounds like it hurt! Hope your toes feel better soon.

No sock project in your purse?!

Jenn said...

Ugh, that sucks. I broke a toe when someone backed into me and I was barefoot, and it turned sideways - they had to yank too. Seriously hurt so bad. I feel your pain, :). Get lots of knitting done while you recover!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feeling better Mona xoxoxoxMadeleine

Anonymous said...

Hope it feels better soon!

And what's the lesson you learned from this? Is it to put away Egg's toys? NOPE- it's to ALWAYS have knitting in your purse, or at least an emergency project in your car! :)