Monday, April 18, 2005

For the cheap knitter-wannabe

The magazine rack at the check-out in the grocery store: You never know what you'll find in between the Britney pregnancy scare and the actresses or whatever who have gained weight, drank too much or did drugs and hence grace the title.


Right, a learn to knit magazine, sized 3.25" by 5.3" for 99 cents American. You get everything you need to know including a history of knitting. FYI the list of contents:

The print and paper quality is crappy, part of the content information is cut off on several pages, but really, what can you expect for 1.29 CAD? The illustrations are surprisingly clear and I figure everyone who badly wants to learn to knit and spend as little money as possible could do it with this little helper.

There are no instructions for projects whatsoever, but you get the info about finishing. If you ask me, this could turn out a bit frustrating. All of this didn't keep me from buying, of course, because I don't need it.

Once again, the logic in my behaviour is sorely lacking, don't expect explanations, just let it go.

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wenders said...

I've done the same thing...I just like supporting the fact that there is knitting in the supermarket.