Monday, April 25, 2005

Poetry in motion

Or so.

That was supposed to be a picture of Anny, whom we got to meet for the first time yesterday. I have more. All of them are flurry. (As if I haven't told you before that the camera is not my friend, being in front or behind the lense doesn't really matter.)

If you want to see some more pictures, go to Montreal Knits and check them out!

Thanks to Nikon coolpix swivel action: Lee Ann and I (yes, she's cute and petite, I am not - petite, that is).

If you have the impression that we enjoyed the meeting you could be right, at least that's what I've read on our group talk afterwards.


Caroline said...

I definitely had a great time!

That first picture actually looks cute, in an artsy sort of way. You can just say you meant it to be that way ;)

Lauren said...

Great photos--looks like a very fun group! :)