Monday, April 04, 2005


Stash Enhancement Expedition

Well, it wasn't actually an expedition - it was more an orgie of ordering at elann.

What you can see is enough sock yarn for six pairs of socks. My first Kroy. Randomly picked colours - even two balls of pink. For girlie girl socks. Just in case should I be able to think of someone who wants girlie girl hot pink socks.

Blogger wasn't cooperating all day - after I posted the picture of my new yarn it wouldn't let me write anything. I got a comment nonetheless, which on the one hand pleases me and on the other hand shows how much I overestimate my writing.

4 comments: said...

gotta love that kroy. i haven't seen those colors. those are great!

jan said...

hehe I just got my kroy sock wool today too Mona :) $3.15 cad isn't to be sneezed at ..and I'll be getting enough wool for 3 sweaters in about a week and a half from elann as well. peruvian highland at $2.72 CAD is very nice and their colours are awesome eh?

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I need good S.E.X.!!!
Mail order, no less... I've hunted down out-of-stock ribbon and ordered it, but haven't ever ordered "cold" just from photos. Unlike Ms. Pearl-McPhee, I am actually managing a yarn diet. (My food diet, however, is entirely a different story.)
Don't worry about Freudian Slip puns... I love puns, but the best ones are the ones you can't see coming.
Wo gehts sie? (Boy, can I ever think of a lot of grammatical errors my one little Deutsch question might have committed! LOL. Have you decided what yarn you are taking yet? said...

lol, you are too funny! you don't overestimate your writing. that pic of yummy yarn was just too cool not to comment on. happy knitting.