Thursday, March 31, 2005

Flight No AC 874

It's official. I will be leaving for Germany on May 6th. I say "I" because it's not sure that Rolf will be able to leave on the same day. Damn these crazy airline pricing policies. May 6th is only five weeks away and exactly six days after our move. Don't ask how I am going to handle this, there's no way I want to think about that now. Instead I have started to make a list what I "need" to buy and bring back. I haven't really gotten far but I better bring an empty suitcase, tehee.

I wanted to take another shot of my brown FBS but the battery of the camera went dead just now so you'll have to wait.

Got my hands on the new Vogue Knitting yesterday and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Well, apart from all the unnecessary novelty yarn ads and consequently hideous knits which make me nauseous, there are some quite nice designs to be found.

Let me mention Cathy Maguire's beaded shell - I know, for me it's a colour trap, but I actually think it has a nice shape. I don't know how practical the neckline on Nora Gaughan's body-skimmer is - I like how it looks though (Except maybe for the fact that you can see the purl row of the cast-on. What's with that? Can't you start on a WS row so we don't have to see that? I don't want to see that. Or might it even be on purpose?). She has an interesting concept on the wrap-front hoodie, I have to ask: Why hoodie? I can't see the necessity of the hood. The neckline on Kathy Zimmerman's shell looks like it would choke me - apart from that it looks okay. Am positively surprised by Mari Lynn Patrick, the twinset is quite nice. The tiny-cable tennis sweater by Debbie Bliss is "cut to hug every curve" - personally I don't want that but my sister would look cute in it. The Kaffe Fassett design in Rowan Summer Tweed makes me think I am stuck in the 80s. New Yarn but no new take which is too bad.

There's more to be had - things I wouldn't wear and some I wouldn't want to be caught dead in. Haven't read any article yet but all in all it wasn't as bad an investment as for the last Knitter's I bought.


Michelle said...

Wow, you sure know how to really put pressure on yourself! My suggestion...pack for the trip now! LOL

I lived in Munich for about a year when I was 5 years old. Both my mom and uncle were born in Bonn. My paternal side is wonder I knit! [g]

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Please provide URL for offensive advertisement. I could use kick boxing practice.
Are you MOVING TO Germany? or going for a visit? At the ripe OLD age of 50 I 1. moved from my apartment to my "boyfriend's" house and 2. within 4 days we went on our first European trip (Scotland). We didn't know whether my furniture would fit well in the house, how my cat would react, or how we would travel together. (Fortunately, except for ... ahem... my snoring, it went very well.) I agree with Michelle... lighten up, lower your expectations (or banish them altogether) set a reasonable goal and make happy memories. Everything else will work itself out!!