Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Working with beads

This is an answer to the comment of Jan, of whom I don't have any information whatsoever and can't contact her in a more private fashion:

Dear Jan,

thank you for your comment on my blog and the compliment on the stitchmarkers I made. Due to my being a bit ambiguous in my post from March 14 you are of the opinion that I do not like working with beads. This is a misconception since I love working with beads, wire and whatnots.

However, I do not like using stitchmarkers in my knitting
unless it is absolutely necessary which happens ever so rarely. Thus I have little use of all the fancy markers (I like to think they are) and if you are willing to leave your name and number (i.e. address) under I would be greatly pleased to know that by sending them to you I can give them a loving home.

Hoping you'll be back and reading this,



Jan said...

Thank you Mona :) I'll cherish your stitch markers...I got your meaning though..that you don't like to use any sort of stitch markers :)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Warm. Cold. Warm. Cold.
Even here in Texas, it is much the same. Lubbock even had a foot of snow yesterday. It doesn't get that slushy here... but it was 80 day before yesterday, and they said it might freeze tonight. Fortunately, I got pansies and other annuals in about a month ago (when it was chilly but above freezing...) so they'll make it through even if it freezes tonight. I don't know WHAT the bulbs will be thinking, though.