Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Get this party started" - Pink

Sunday afternoon, 2 p.m. Lee Ann did just this:

Lemon loaf, chocolate cake and a chocolate/raspberry with ganache. As you can see it was also catered to the more savoury taste.

I have been taking pictures so I am not in them. Margaret has been taking pictures, too - so I might show up in one of her photos, I have to ask her. Véronik successfully dodged all tries to get her as usual and, last note: I stink at taking photos, just you wait and see...

This is Lee Ann - one day she might even get her own blog to entertain us with her knitting and other adventures, she really should 'cause she is good at writing. In the meantime I have to tell you that she is working on a hat with periwinkle blue Debbie Bliss' Cashmerino....hmmm, nice and soft.

That's Margaret and Roz (who we got to meet for the first time - Roz, not Margaret). Reina is in that photo, too, but since I disregarded an important rule of photography (don't do it against the light) she is barely visible. Sorry! Reina started knitting only recently, that doesn't keep her from inventing her own patterns as Svetlana told us.

Here's Roz and Deborah - and, yes, I did it again 'cause there is another window in the back...Roz brought some bulky yarn and asked for ideas what to do with it, I hope we could help and she decided what to knit. Deborah was working on a design from Phildar (I think), I seem to remember a hoodie. (Feel free to correct me.)

To close off our little knitter round let me show you Kajin and Molly Ann, well, kind of, since this pic is a bit flurry. Kajin was working on a sock with Opal yarn (nice pink colourway) and Molly Ann is needling away on her cashmere sweater on 3mm needles. One day she might actually finish it - when she is done with all her school assignments and other work, right? And, there are Véronik's knees and some of her knitting visible, oh my, I hope she can stand having her knees on my blog.

This is what I have been working on. The right front of my Mackintosh Cardi.

Special note for Deawn: We missed having you there - please come back from stinking boring Omaha and knit with us again! (No offense to all of your fabulous relatives, I am just being egoistic.)

Hold that thought: Special note for Jo, too. The poor girl had planned to come but had to work instead. Hope to see you soon!

Talking about getting things started: Last night I had an urge...I started opening all cupboards to find something to munch on. Since I have stopped buying empty calories I found nothing - good thing, too. What did I do? I opened my yarn stash drawers and looked there. I found Baby Silk, six balls of it. Just enough to start this:

Looks familiar? Of course it does. You'll find this all over the place. Which makes it nonetheless a nice little project.

I was tempted to post another pic - it is snowing again. Then I decided you can just have a look at this since it looks exactly the same.


Lauren said...

Mona, those pictures are fabulous! Oh what a fun time. Everyone needs friends to knit with :) and that food looks so yummy! Thanks for stopping by my blog today--I was so happy to see a German comment!

Sam La Tricoteuse said...

Very nice wrap up of the party.. that I missed. Txs for the pictures ! Is this Flower Basket or a different version of Birch ?

Mona strickt said...

Sam, it is the FBS.

Mona strickt said...

Sam, it is the FBS.

Deborah said...

Mona, du bist ganz richtig! It is a Phildar hoodie that I was (and still am) knitting! Those pictures are very nice! It was very nice to knit with you all again. I wish I could have stayed longer!

wenders said...

Oh, I wish I had fabulous real-time friends to knit with! How did you meet this great knitting crew?