Sunday, March 06, 2005

Do you "Lee Valley"?

Let me introduce you to Lee Valley. If you already know them you'll go "aaah, yes", if not, go and take a look at their site. Lots of cool stuff (most of it I'll probably never need since I am neither a woodworker nor gardener, but nonetheless), including this:

As someone who hates doing anything destructive to her books (even putting post-it notes in them might cause slight nausea), these are the perfect solution. I was able to procure 10 of these beauties mounted on paper in a "Barnes & Noble" in Southern Illinois for a ridiculous high price - now look:

There are fifty of them in a stylish tin box (I mean, this looks so Art Deco, come on!) and for a mere 9.95 CAD you can go crazy doing this:

Now you tell me that is not fab!!

Last note: "It's snowing, it's snowing, God, I hate this weather!" ("New York City" - They might be Giants)

1 comment:

Kajin said...

Mona, those little things are BRILLIANT! Thank you for sharing the tip!

And your Clapotis looks great - congratulations!