Friday, March 18, 2005

I feel so together

Outfit wise - otherwise I think I have proven that I don't have it together.

Woohoo, I have a new hand bag! I know I said I don't like shopping for me at Winners (TJ Maxx for my readers south of the border - the "you should go" kinda gave it away), but this time I scored a lovely leather hand bag for about a quarter of the original price and I don't care if it's last season's or last century's - and yes, this one talked to me, too.

The leather is very soft, it's Italian made and for those who care for brands: it's "Claudia Firenze".

I just love the brown braided trim on that hue of apricot - don't you, too??

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Don't feel bad about laughing at slapstick! If there'd a been a video cam on me going (in relatively slo-mo) backwards over the top of the hammock, I could probably sell it on Funniest Home Videos. The diet coke in the cleavage was an additional bonus. (COLD, too!)
Oops... this turned into procrastinating from doing taxes.
No tornadoes, yet, though.

Lauren said...

Girl, I love purses, and I love scarves. It is nearly nirvana when you can coordinate the two! Have fun with them, liebe Mona!

Hope you are having a nice weekend!