Saturday, March 05, 2005

C'est si bon - c'est fini. C'est quoi? Clapotis!

One afternoon of sitting on my couch, watching TV (Stargate, a Cadfael movie and "My cousin Vinny" for the umphteenth time 'cause I love it) and it's finished. I have decided that I won't give it away, no, I'll keep it. The colour just screams my name and, heck, I knit it, I can do with it what I want, can't I?

Picture with me wearing it will follow - eventually.

Talking about sitting on couches: I found one that I would love to have for our new living room:

This one is from "The Art shoppe" and the only thing I would change is the colour - maybe. The chaise longue attachment is just brilliant.


Lauren said...

C'est trés bon, Mona! It is the same color as your blog banner--that means you have to keep it!

Love the sofa too--the chaise addition is great. Think about all of the knitting that you could do on it :)

Gutes Wochenende~

Toni said...

Oh, yay, you're keeping it! How did you end up liking the yarn with the pattern?

And have you been following me? I spied almost that exact sofa the other day and the love, love, love the chaise. :)