Monday, March 14, 2005

Could it be?

Could it really be that this photo and the current temperatures (around and above 0°C during the day) are the first signs of spring here in Montreal??

It's sunny, the effing snow melts, and you don't have to bundle up like a mummy to go outside. Which I plan do to later to meet my husband and then to pick up other packing materials like tape, paper and more boxes.

I spent some time (more like a couple of minutes since there is really nothing to it) last night on making wire, beads and rings into this:

I stopped when I found that I don't dig the beads I have at home. I think I have to re-visit "The Bead Emporium" on Avenue Victoria (Bead Emporium Of Montreal Inc, 368 Avenue Victoria, Westmount, QC) - I am pretty sure that I will find absolutely fabulous ingredients for more stitch markers there. Funny thing is: I don't even like using them...

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Jan said...

You may not like working with beads Mona but the stitch markers sure are pretty. I use those plastic doodads and they're boring :) Much rather have beaded ones so keep up the good work :)