Monday, March 07, 2005

Lovely Lace Leafs part 2

I must develop a severe form of "workitis". Or it might be the snow outside that makes me rush about in our apartment. This Monday was quite filled with activities. I will spare you the details, just let me mention that I did something I rarely, uh, never do: I blocked a piece of knitting right after I finished it. I did not use a measuring tape - even I have my limits - but I did it.

I also realized that my next knitterly acquisition has to be a large styrofoam board. As soon as we're moved I will get one. And then I am going to block the heck out of everything. Maybe.


toni said...

It turned out so well--your mom will love it!

Lauren said...

Hallo Mona! The shawl is lovely! What a wonderful present! :)

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