Friday, March 11, 2005

Exciting Days

Since I told myself that it would be a good idea to be really well organized when moving, Rolf and I are trying to get a head start. This means that we already picked up leftover boxes from our friends' last move and that our apartment looks like a mis-managed warehouse. I have to push aside folded boxes everywhere I want to go and wonder where I am going to put them once they are full. It does make sense though to start packing already because there are lots of things we won't need in the next, uh, seven weeks. SEVEN WEEKS? And I thought I was talking about "starting early"...

What is also exciting is that Rolf has a job interview on the 23rd of March, it would be great if he got the job. And then, we might be traveling a bit in the second week of May, can't be specific yet, will do as soon as I know. This means I have a lot to looking forward to - oh, and Deawn wrote that she is planning to come back from Omaha mid-April, which definitely falls into the same category.

Other news: I found that I like knitting lacy things - especially leaf patterns. So after finishing the FBS I started another one...don't ask me why I often knit things twice, I think I just want to see how it "would turn out if I used this yarn" instead.

The brown alpaca I bought in 2003 in Vermont is of course too thick to use double stranded, so I only use one strand and like the outcome a lot. It's a bit more delicate than the other version, hence it is smaller and I think I have to add more pattern repeats.(Looking at this picture even I am kind of bored and fear my readers will feel the same, it really looks like nothing and its another FBS.)


Michelle said...

It sure looks like I'm trying to coordinate my blog with my projects, doesn't it. In actuality, I'm tired of the cold and grey skies, which I have no control over, so decided to heat up the colours of my blog instead. Do you like it?

Go for the Alpaca Cloud. I'm quite impressed with it and you can't beat the price.

Leslie said...

I love reading your blog and no it's not getting boring. You have given me the courage to try the FBS, but I have a question. I have never knit from a chart and want to know how do I know which side is the right and which is the wrong? I'm all mixed up. Any help would be great. And yes the Alpaca Cloud is fab and cheap as michelle said, I am "trying" to use iris.