Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar? who cares for Oscar...

...while I forgot my notebook with all essential and very much needed knitting information at Lee Ann's. Someone tell me how to fix it to one of my extremities so it won't happen again, please!

And, what's it with the poor nominees having to wait on stage for the opening of the envelope? Presenting the award while standing amidst the audience?

I hate acceptance speeches. Either it sounds like just listing lots of people or it is a sob-story I am not interested in.

I love Julia Roberts when she tries to rescue Clint Eastwood's cheek from lipstick-leftovers. I would give her and him an Oscar every year just because. I feel sorry for Martin Scorsese, but he is in good company. Antonio Banderas should wash and cut his hair and stop singing in public.

When does Johnny Depp get an award? Why is Cate Blanchett wearing yellow when there are dozens of other colours that would compliment her complexion so much better? Thank heavens there is no third "Bridget Jones" book because I couldn't stand watching Renee Zellweger gaining and losing too much weight again for another movie. What's with the strapless dresses?

Why on earth do I think every f§$%ing year that it is worth watching these boring three hours and some minutes of TV?


wenders said...

I love awards shows, but agree with everything you've said here. Especially about Renee - I think she tries to look as skinny as possible post Bridget Jones so that people know that oh, no, she's not that size. Ugh. Like 25 pounds shoves her into morbidly obese or something. And, making the nominees wait on stage reminded me of my high school band announced who made officer (which, in Texas, was a very big deal): the annouced it at banquet, to which all the kids brought dates, and parents also attended. Nothing like rejection in front of 500 people at the age of seventeen. :)

And here's to hoping you get your knitting essentials back!

Lauren said...

I was upset that Scorsese did not win--I thought he deserved it--but that is just meine Meinung :)

Hope all is well, Mona!