Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I know, I know

Amelie doesn't knit but thinks of strange schemes to get Monsieur Quincampoix, and Riddick's favourite pastime couldn't be further away from mine (and: yes, Wenders, that's Vin Diesel).

But then at the moment I feel more like stuck in a strange scheme than anything else. There is nothing new of knitting to report and I don't want to complain about stupid things, so I have to think really hard what to write about.

Hey, there is a new episode of Gilmore Girls on tonight - did I ever tell you that I am a big GG fan? There you have it - something new after all.


Lauren said...

I love love love Amelie. I have seen every movie that Audrey Tautou is in :)

Anonymous said...

Oh now I sure didn't know that about you Mona 'cause I'M a BIG fan of Gilmore Girls! LOL! ;) Sadly I miss more shows than I watch them but I keep up to beat with the internet. :)