Sunday, February 27, 2005

"Everything is coming up roses" - Black

That's how it seems at the moment.

The back of the cardi is done, all with the short-row shoulder and neck shaping (I have discovered that I love short-rows), it hasn't been blocked and there is a part where I reknitted yarn so it looks like nothing you would want to wear yet.

I am working on both fronts as we speak, so expect more pics soon.

When I went to our knit meeting Thursday night I did not intend to end up with this:

But as you can see the allure of the sock yarn in a lovely light blue shade was too strong and I even pulled out the center of one skein already...I am weak, I admit it, but I love knitting socks.

Then there is this:

I found it last Tuesday and it was very affordable. Under the circumstances it comes in quite handy, don't you agree?

It has lots of nifty accesories - I think I have to start playing around with it soon!

This afternoon I am off to Lee Ann's - she took it upon her to invite some knitters into her house where we are going to "have our cake and knit, too". Thanks for doing this, Lee Ann! Sounds like fun and I intend to bring my camera. Thing is, people are so camera shy (me too) that I promise nothing.

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Sam La Tricoteuse said...

That is a really nice rose back you got there Mona !
Love it..I keep hearing about short rows but haven't figured out how to use them i.e.: i keep on knitting socks !