Friday, February 18, 2005

Done with socks for now

I sternly reminded myself that there are a lot of other things to knit - what's more: waiting in my basket to be knit. This "last" pair is for my friend Cerrie who doesn't know that she is going to receive them soon. I also have to think of another way to take a picture of the finished socks or I will bore myself and you readers to death...ideas are very welcome.


Lauren said...

What a nice surprise for your friend! They are beautiful socks!

adsaphila said...

Tja, wieviele Möglichkeiten gibts schon, Socken zu zeigen?
Liegend, am Fuß oder auf der Wäscheleine, das sind so meine Möglichkeiten der Wahl.
Du könntest sie natürlich über verschiedene andere Dinge stülpen, was Dir halt so einfällt ;o)
Und ansonsten hätte ich da noch ein Hölzlein für Dich, fang es oder lass es abprallen :o))

Michelle said...

I agree, a nice surprise for your friend.

How about showing off your newly knitted socks wearing a pair of stilletos? Sorry, just being facetious. [g]