Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Home for the holidays

Ever seen that movie? Poor little Holly Hunter spends Thanksgiving at her parents house - very entertaining for us, torture for her. Alright, in the end she gets Dylan McDermott, but, oh, at what a price...

What I actually want to say is that I don't get the whole Thanksgiving thing. Forgive me, I am from Germany. We also have a Thanksgiving, a quiet one on a Sunday in October - without the Turkeys, which is too bad, 'cause that part I like. Now, please don't misunderstand, I do know why there's that Thanksgiving thing, I just don't get it.

Ed. to add: Okay, so it might not be Thanksgiving in itself I don't get (dinner with the family is nice, no? at least that's what it supposed to be...) but the whole thing around it - it just seems to be such a big deal.

Is there a story that begins "the week before Thanksgiving"? It should, since that is how and when the second part of the "We go on a road trip" story starts. The part where we actually get on the road and stay there.

Ever met the nice people from ViaRoute? They give you a car when you pay the adequate amount of money because you are desperate and supposed to be on the road to MA. Yes, after a morning well spend with cursing, kicking and screaming we were on our way. In a car that didn't harbour any danger of breaking down and had a CD player.

There are no more pictures - if you think about it, it's logical. Nothing special happened, I had to concentrate behind the wheel - it rained like crazy most of the day and evening, which was worse.

Some time on Thursday evening we went to a yarn shop in the area (don't ask where, there are so many little towns and villages that I lost count and since I didn't have to drive I didn't pay attention anyhow) where I got this:

Two things I have to say: Nadine got me hooked on the Bearfoot Mountain Colors and seeing it in person ready to buy I couldn't resist. Same with the mini dpns. The not resisting thing I mean. No clue what I am going to knit with them (no sock earrings for me, that's for sure) but I had to have'em!

Ever went on a business trip? Then you know how it goes. The rest of ours was, well, business. Though it was yarn business. With warehouses full of yarn involved. Delightful. See:

Meet Dizzy and Charlie from "Jazz" by Artful Yarns. They are 50% Alpaca and 50% Wool. They were also asking me to take them home. Now they are asking me to knit with them but I haven't figured out in detail what. I have more than these two skeins, of course.

Ever brought your camera along and didn't take a single picture? Yes, you got it, this is it about the trip. We came back Saturday afternoon, driving was way more pleasurable without rain, and you can make it in under five hours.


wenders said...

I wish my business trips involved yarn.

And I may try to explain my love of Thanksgiving on my blog, so stay tuned. It was too long to post here. :)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

If I got to take business trips, I wold make sure they involved yarn. Way to go!
I like that Thanksgiving is about food! and tradition (usually) with not so many surprises. and that all anybody has to "do" is be thankful. You don't have to decorate. Or buy the perfect present. Or act thrilled if Aunt Maude gives you a hideous something-or-other. Childhood thanksgivings always involved a trip "over the river and through the woods" to someone's house who actually knew how to cook. So that was a good thing, too.

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