Monday, December 05, 2005

Let's kick it up a notch

How? you might wonder.

Easy. With my new golden dpn's from addi. Alright, goldcoloured, but nonetheless.

Before you ask where to get them, here's the sad news: They don't make them anymore. I was very lucky to snatch a 2mm and a 3mm set and it arrived just in time for Nikolaus (December 6th).


witt in dc said...

Hi! I may have missed a more appropriate route to get a note to you -- sorry. I'm writing from DC with a quick question on your socks in the new Interweave (which are beautiful by the way). The description says it's a smooth, tubular cast-on and I'm just not sure I understand how the cast-on is tubular. I think of that as usually involving a provisional cast on that enables you to pick up your loops after a couple of rounds which makes a sort of tube or tunnel at the cast on. The 1x1 method they describe I think of as "casting on longtail in pattern" for ribbing.

If you don't want to bother with an explanation, I understand. I mean, your pattern in a magazine shouldn't leave you open to global explanations, but I figured it'd be okay or they wouldn't have put your blog addy at the end of it.

Keep up the good work -- I've enjoyed rolling around in your blog -- I took the survey and they recommend London for me too. Hmmm..

Cheers from DC
und besten Dank


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Wenders TOLD me you had a pattern published... (I never expect to know the auteurs...) CONGRATULATIONS.

Oh, and I'm glad somebody besides me does gifts/surprises for St. Nicholas' Day!

Lolly said...

Hallo Mona! Die Sockenwolle ist sehr schön. Die Farbe geschmekt mir ;)

Liebe Grüsse!