Sunday, December 18, 2005

Snowed out

On Friday we happy people in Montreal got a 41 cm dump of snow all in one day. This is my fourth winter here, but so far this is the worst experience with the white stuff. I was almost run over walking to work because the side walks weren't cleared at that time (a lot of them aren't even now...) and I walked on the street since that was the only place where one didn't have to master 41 cm of snow sneaking up my jeans and down my boots while walking and one very nasty driver felt the necessity of honking, rushing by and, as I said, almost running me over in the process.

Yesterday Rolf and I spent an hour digging out our car. We went grocery shopping and all I could think about was "I hope no one parks in our spot!". There are not many possible parking spots in our street at this time and you don't get to dig another one when yours is taken since there is NOWHERE to put the snow. It also doesn't look like it it going to melt soon, so let's hope the nice city workers come by any day now and take it away....(ha, who am I kidding!).


Lolly said...

Oh my! We had to do that whole digging our car thing out last year - I think my arms and back hurt for a few days - lots of muscle work.

Try to enjoy the snow a little ;)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

How often does it get that deep? How often to the snow removal genies come? I guess the point is to a) make sure you always have a weeks' worth of edibles b) have a job where you can work from home c) have ample yarn just incase a & b don't pan out.