Monday, February 27, 2006

Spring? Ha!

My Mom told me on the phone that Spring is on its way where she lives in Germany. I am not expecting "Spring" before mid-April, especially today with the temperature having been -18 degrees C and having felt like -31 with windchill. Bundle up, Montreal!

I found some salmon pink Alpaca in my stash and with Project Spectrums first month starting on Wednesday I decided to do something with it. The picture I posted with all the pink and red things was only for inspiration, I don't know if I am going to use any of the yarn in it. Maybe - since I only have three balls of Alpaca and that means "small project". A hat, most probably, 'cause I can sure use it...


Julia said...

Um, ask your mother again today- it snowed in most parts of DE over night... no spring yet, I'm knitting a new hat to protect me from the chilly winds!!

Lolly said...

I have a feeling it is not going to get warm here either... brr!

A friend of mine finished up a lovely Embossed Leaves sock this weekend - Seeing her knit it made me think I may be able to do it too! I am not the best lace knitter. It is such a lovely pattern, Mona!

Salmon sounds like a way to start the Project Spectrum! Can't wait to see!