Monday, April 26, 2010

One Step forward, two back - but this is finished

I think I have come to the conclusion that trying to finish everything before starting a new project is just not the way it works for me. When one project is almost done, I usually feel the urge to start another, or twonother, for that matter. The almost done project gets either done quickly or, sadly, lingers for a long while before it is completely done.

I get excited about new ideas and want to start them right away - which in return keeps me from finishing 'other crap', as I like to call it myself. (Not in a derogatory way, just because I don't feel like dealing with it.) Also, Egg often needs a certain item right away - or so I tell myself - and she has been a priority in my life ever since she has been born, hence the bestest excuse ever to start more crap.

Having said that, Egg didn't really need this hat, but I wanted to make it anyways. An adventure from beginning to end, and I'm not sure how it ended. You tell me!

ETA: I used Reynolds "Cool Cotton" (90% Cotton, 10% Steel - yes, really!) and the hat weighs 76 grams.

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