Saturday, April 24, 2010


The weather has been fabulous for Montreal in April. Whenever there is sun I get the request "outside!" and thankfully we have the outside right off our kitchen. (No sandbox yet, though. They were labeled as 'in stock' online and when we went to the shop to pick one up, they were of course not.)

This is how 'outside' might look:

Grapes taste soo much better in fresh air!

Even though it doesn't look like it, I have been working/designing. There is one piece in particular I am sort of proud of, but of course I can't show you a picture just yet. Here's a peek:

I have lots of plans - publishing some kids patterns, for example. One is being test knit as you read this, repeatedly, which means it will be hopefully ready soon.

In the meantime I have finished some knitting for myself and Egg: Hex is done, and so is a skirt and knee highs for Egg, amongst other things. I should get back to write more about what I am knitting, that might encourage finishing faster. BTW, I need to take photos of the finished Hex, once I've done that you'll get to see it, of course!

This is the Twirly skirt (ravelry link)

and these are the new knee highs:

For now Egg is still excited when I finish something for her, and accordingly very willing to try/put it on. The perfect knitter's child!

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Anonymous said...

She is so ridiculiously cute! down to the face while playing with the pen!

and those knits! wish i knit for my babies.