Thursday, November 29, 2007

All shall be revealed...

...once my camera is ready to take pictures again, since it chose - as ever in the most inopportune moment - to run out of juice and I only figured it out just now.

But, do not fear. There is something to tell: y'all have been knitting the "Barcelona Sock", inspired by one of my favourite architects, Antoni Gaudí.

The intensity of his structures, the intricacy of the details, sometimes the seemingly wacky construction - all this is a wonderful basis to built a sock on, isn't it?

Look closely and you'll find the inspiration of each design element of the sock in one of the pictures. I don't believe in translating elements one-to-one, but rather take the general idea and run with it.

My own sample sock is knit with a quite utilitarian chocolate brown yarn - chosen with the recipient in mind. Looking at the explosion of colour used by all the knitters out there who made the sock might be a way better idea. 

I am very happy to have had the opportunity of doing a mystery sock - maybe I'll do so again since most knitters seem to like the outcome. Thanks to every participant, I hope you enjoyed it! 


nj2 said...

I really enjoyed this pattern. Mine is made in a pale lilac blue color and was lovely when completed. I surprised myself! I certainly hope you do post another mystery sock.

pat said...

Oh yes - we enjoyed it!! I'm working my way down the foot with the beautiful twisted columns. Thank you so much Mona, for taking all the time and energy to design, write and help us all along with your beautiful sock pattern!

katherine said...

Oh, get out.

Not Gaudi, too?

I think if I could only ever choose one city to visit again in my life, it would honestly be Barcelona (though it would kill me to take Paris off the list).

Connie said...

So cool to see what your influences are. Since I wasn't a participant (this time) of your Mystery sock-a-long, I'm very eager to see your finished socks! :)

Ulla said...

Why not a Gaudi-knitalong?

I really long for a new Mystery.

Have a nice time
Ulla in the norh of Sweden