Thursday, November 08, 2007

I know you're waiting for it

Find the 2nd clue here.

Thank you for your comments, they helped. Let's see what you think now...

Edited to add:

No, it doesn't hurt to shorten the leg, but it should be shortened by a whole repeat, otherwise the pattern doesn't work out.

Apparently I have put 17 rows into the S/L repeat chart for the sock, though the repeat is only 16 rows high. Sorry about that.


nj2 said...

Will it hurt if I do fewer repeats of the pattern? My girls like a shorter sock. Thanks.

Monika said...

Darn it, I only get a blank page when clicking the link. Help please!!! :o) (Tried several times)

Claudia said...

Mona, should there be also 2 twisted stiches at the end/beginning of each needle in rows 5 and 7 for size M?
Best Claudia.

Monika said...

This pattern is kicking my butt! I'm on row 5 size M. I only have 6 sts between the two twisted stitches, but there should be 7. Where did I loose that stitch. size S and L chart show 6 stitches. What should I do?