Thursday, November 15, 2007

Third time's the charm?

This should be an easy one. Here's the 3rd clue for the "November Mystery Sock".

In the meantime I'll be sulking away. Sulking mingled with being sad because it is Thursday and I won't be having the usual Thursday lunch date with my friend Nadine. She is on a big roadtrip to San Francisco, together with her other half Oscar and her husband, too. (Oscar is the knitting companion, of course.) And, should you wonder, no, no more Thursday lunches EVER. She's moving there, and the trip back and forth is just a tad too far to undertake every week. So sulking it is.

You might want to check out what she does for a living. Every single piece she creates is fabulous, and her skill in wire knitting is fantastic. (I've tried. It's damn hard.)


Monika said...

I'm sorry for you, that your friend is moving away. That sucks! Thanks for the link. This time it worked for me. Yeah! From reading it, I can see it's a nice heel. :o)

pat said...

What a pretty heel flap!!

Michelle said...

Wow, I fall off the face of the earth for a month and look at what you accomplished! [g] Spinning, a mystery sock pattern [which I'll be knitting very soon, thank you] and I'm having a hard time catching up!

Sorry your friend is moving away. That's hard.

Connie said...

I'm sorry your friend is going away. It's always hard when friends move. This continent is just too big! :(

Lee Ann said...

Nadine is brilliant. Also, wicked funny. Montréal's losing one hell of an artist.