Sunday, May 29, 2005

Do I need a Clean Sweep?

I was watching "Clean Sweep" on Friday night and this time around I was quite revolted by the amount of stuff these people had in their home - and the state the rooms were in because of it. Then I turned around, saw this...

...and felt like a big fat hypocrite.

Seems I need help, too. I figure organizer Peter would be appalled by my accumulation of things/stuff/doodads/whatever and make me throw out 50%.

How long can you claim it's the moving that caused this mess? (At this time I feel urged to remind you: this mess should be preliminary, I have good hopes of finding a space for everything I want to keep. Let's see how long that lasts.)

Now, looking over the stuff I deem neccessary, let me ask you:

How can I throw out anything knit-related? Neither yarn, books nor knitting utensils can be gotten rid of. Touch my sock yarn and you'll regret it!

I am a librarian, I love books. I have gotten rid of many books over the last four years, cherished books of my childhood included. So no more getting rid of book as of now. Any tips?

I don't get it, I moved from a 3 1/2 into a 6 1/2, have one whole room for myself now and am not effing capable of getting this in order. Not to mention the fact that I have under bed storage and can fit it under my bed. I don't even feel ashamed, I just wish I had more space. Can you believe it?

After this first peek into my new "yarn room" (also called "office", "library", "room of her own"), are you sure you want to see more?

Commenting on comments:

Jo: I said it was fun, I never said it was family friendly or cheap, it really is NOT - though I wish it, I mean. As requested I won't talk of the "other thing".

K.: The mileage is really great, isn't it? For a while my hubby and I were joking about driving across Canada with our smart, but then we found out we'd had to pay 200% of its asking price in customs if we'd decided to import it then...ludacris!!

Toni and Froggy - glad you like it! (Of course, Froggy has her own cute "Mini" edition - who is spinning, nonetheless!)

Also, thanks to everyone who commented on my posts with pictures from Germany!!


Anny said...

LOL, I hear you when you have a "Clean Sweep Moment"! Kinda going through that myself but don't have anything to blame it on but my lazyness. I have been making progress and have begun one of my famous clean ups where I get rid of my clutter.

What works for me is: I keep what ever I actually use, so I would say your knitting supplies are safe ;) This also would excuse your books not to mention their emotional value.

Everything else gets put to trial. It has to be something that I use or have used in the last 6-12 months or have a really big significance.

If I haven't used something in a long time then it's time to let it go. No matter why I got it and how much I still like it, unless I will really use it, it's gone.

It's hard to let go of stuff but you'll be so happy when it's actually gone and your home is clutter free again. You miss things for a few moments as you throw them away but you forget about them just as easily as you did when you stopped using them.

Good luck!

katherine said...

How long can I claim that it's the moving that caused the mess?

Let's see, I'm going on 14 months now. :-)

wenders said...

well, since my roommate and i are getting ready to move ourselves (less than 1.5 weeks!) and we're going through boxes that we never UNpacked from moving in...I guess that's not really good news!

But I love the yarn organization!