Saturday, May 07, 2005

Guess who's on my Shitlist?

That would be sympatico. Thursday came and went and of course NO INTERNET. Rolf called again but to no avail. I won't mention the fact that we both ignored the fact that there's something like the "dial up" service (yes, Miss D, we had no clue we could use that instead, how sad is that?) after we coincidentally found out about it on Thursday. We want our DSL back, now!

BTW, thanks for all the good wishes in the comments - as you might have guessed I am sitting on my Mom's PC in Germany and enjoy DSL provided by the German Telekom. But then she didn't move lately.

My flight was surprisingly pleasant, on time and the train ride from Frankfurt to Karlsruhe let me reminisce (sp??) about times long gone. (Forgive any mistakes in grammar, spelling or else - it's 3.40 a.m. in the morning, for cryin' out loud!)

Uhm, yes, I am aware that this is a blog about knitting, sadly I don't have a lot to report in that area. I was astonished when I realized ONE week had gone by (packing, moving, unpacking) without me picking up anything looking like a knitting needle. But I knit on the plane. I started a sock and got fancy with cables. I have to rip it out because my beauty sense is aggravated by the not so symetric alignment of said cables. Must have been the lack of elbow space, the dry air or the boring movies that made me lose track.

More later, I promise.


~jo~ said...

Hope you have a great time in Germany, enjoy being with the family. :)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I haven't posted anything about knitting for a while, either. I've been drawing. At least you are "on the move." Hope you have a wonderful visit with friends, family and the "old country." Have a piece of sacher torte for me.

Michelle said...

Good to hear you've moved and are safely at your destination. Keep those needles clicking!

deawn said...

I'm relieved to know you arrived safely! (BTW, when you return, just phone Sympatico and tell them to wavel wave the 10 hour limit to your dial-up service--just ask for this guy named Yoland. He hooked me up real good...) Then you can finish blasting them, because naturally, they deserve it.

I'm knitting a worm for my new cousin Naya, The Water Baby. Pics to follow. Have fun, and keep in touch!

Anny said...

It's great to get some news, I'm happy things are going well :)