Friday, May 27, 2005


Yes, all the people I know in Germany live in quaint little towns where old stuff like this tower are nothing special and around every corner.

Yes, we all shop for groceries on these fabulous little street farmers markets where everything you could possibly want can be found. That's my friend Nicole shopping for potatoes - new potatoes for a very nice meal with salmon and "grüner Soße" (green sauce made with lots of different herbs) we had on Sunday.

Yes, we have nice yarn shops with cute names where we buy yarn... this Regia in a for me irrestistible colorway:

That was "Heppenheim an der Bergstraße", where our friends Nicole and Thomas with our godchildren Lasse and Luzie live, in short form.


Lauren said...

great pics! A shop named Alpaka--that is so cool :)

Very nice Regia! said...

what wonderful photos!

katherine said...

I miss the markets! God, how how I miss the markets!

Caroline said...

I was away for the past few weeks too so I only got to seeing your pictures today. I love Germany it's such a beautiful country!

Great colour for the Regia!

Pirikato said...

;) nice fotos and legends