Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Leave it to Mom

Leave it to Mom to get things confused. Thoroughly in my opinion. I was expecting Regia on our trip today. I got Schoeller&Stahl. Also Schoeller&Stahl "undercover" as "Ilse-Wolle" (which is too funny since my Mother's name is Ilse and I personally would know if there was yarn named like myself!)

I didn't complain. I looked around and thought it wasn't so bad, after all, Schoeller&Stahl is a respectable brand, too. I kinda overdosed. I bought 1.4 kg of sock yarn for 47€ (75.20CAD), that's just 1.68€/50g ball(2.69CAD).

Surprisingly enough it doesn't look like much, does it?

On our trip to the "shop" (it's one room in the lady's house, really, I forgot to take a picture) we came by the "Trifels Castle" where my parents dragged me often to hike when I was younger.

One can get good Pizza in this restaurant in the town close by. They have a glass covered hole in the floor where the water runs underneath the building and you can watch the old mill wheel go round behind glass while eating.

That's the little stream running underneath the old mill. Usually there are lots of flowerpots and such, I guess the weather wasn't good enough to put them out yet.

Today we did not have pizza (we went there last week) but drank coffee in a combined ice cream/coffee shop, i.e. "Chelini Café". We also had very good cake. Then we dragged our kilos of yarn home and spent the evening admiring our acquisitions.

There's more. I am going to save the showing of several books and magazines for another post. I also have to take a picture first. Off now to think about what sock yarn to use next...

I hope Lee Ann's surgery went well, I keep thinking about her and can't wait to hear the good news.


Lauren said...

Lovely pictures--what a beautiful little town. I love the idea of the glass hole in the floor to watch the mill and the water.

Great new yarns too!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, liebe Mona! said...

wonderful pictures. cool yarn too.

deawn said...

This is really great! Thanks for all the pics--and I'll see you in June, once I get back from the Kansas Death Tour 2005...I guarantee my pictures won't be anywhere near as scenic as yours!

Thanks again, for the virtual escape!