Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This is where I am

I am sorry to say that I did not bring the cable to upload pictures I have taken to my Mom's computer, but since I don't have the matching software either it doesn't really matter, eh? I have high hopes that once Rolf arrives everything will be fixed to everyones satisfaction.

I cannot use my Laptop to make a really nice post with pictures and whatnots (I have to admit blushingly that I'd have to install "Hello" on my Mom's PC and hello, I don't really know how...) so I tell you about some links that show adequately how beautiful the area where I grew up is. The websites of the charming towns and villages of the south-western part of Germany sorely lack any English content, bear with me and have a good look at the pictures!

This is the town where I was born in. My Grandfather and lots of relatives still live there. My Mom and I went there on Saturday just after I arrived and it really looked like on the pictures, just the weather wasn't as nice.

I am staying with my Mom who lives in Kandel where incidentally Rolf grew up also.

Yesterday I spent some time shopping in Karlsruhe which is situated on the other side of the Rhine River where I used to live and work before moving to Canada.

To round things off: Tonight we'll be going here, also pretty and nice to shop in. Click on "Tourismus & Freizeit" and then "virtueller Stadtrundgang" to see pictures, I couldn't make it work otherwise.

I totally understand that links are not as entertaining as posted pictures, nothing I can do about this now. Should everything go as expected count on appearing pictures from Saturday on.


katherine said...

Mona, are you planning to make a trek to the Tutto factory in Hechingen while you're there??

deawn said...

Thanks for the virtual travelog! It's the next best thing to being there (because Bell Canada isn't always there when you need them...)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a nice time, liebe Mona :)


Lee Ann said...

Between your childhood home and my husband's childhood home (Valbonne, Provence), mannnn...how did you guys ever concentrate on anything but how pretty stuff is? I would have been the first person to get whacked over the head by the teacher for daydreaming out the window.... :-)

Lee Ann said...

that was me, talking about being whacked over the head...I'm not sure Blogger let me be me..

and you know I gotta be me...