Thursday, June 16, 2005

Japanese delights

I don't like Sushi. I don't even want to think remotely of eating raw fish. What I do like, however, seems to be another Japanese specialty: Yarn!

Go here to find beautiful and inexpensive fibres made in Japan for AmiAmi and shipped from Canada for 8 bucks a pop!

The sample cards are free and beautifully made, I am sure no matter what your taste there is something you won't be able to resist.

AHS Slub Kasuri (100% wool) - feels very soft and silky.

Kasuri "fine"

I have two skeins of the AHS Slub Kasuri for 12.30CAD/100g in colourway 34 and 36. I swatched. Ripped it out. Swatched again. Ripped again. All in all four times. The yarn looks a little tiny bit worse for the wear but you wouldn't think that a lace weight handles this kind of rough behaviour without breaking. Well, this one does. And it is really soft. And I love knitting with it. Did I mention I love the colours?

There is also one skein of the Kasuri "fine" colour No. 31 - 100g equals 430m for 7.30CAD and, guess what, I am going to knit socks with it.

Here are two more yarns from their winter collection: The silk wool (soft, shiny, wonderful for 12.70CAD/100g) and Kasuri "medium" which is a worsted 100% wool yarn (7.30CAD/100g).

Two examples from their summer collection, since that is what's interesting right now, isn't it?

The Silk linen for 16.20CAD/100g and the Cotton silk for 17.00CAD/100g.

AmiAmi - you should go!


katherine said...

Argh! No more free sample books 'til October!

Thanks for posting this, though, looks like a fabulous resource AND Canadian!

katherine said...

Or, sort of Canadian :-)

Lauren said...

What a find! Those sample books show some great stuff.

Hope all is well, Mona :)

~Jo~ said...

I got the same samples about 2 weeks ago, nice to know someone has actually ordered from them. ;)

Lee Ann said...

I saw the samples yesterday, and they are droolworthy indeed...really incredible stuff. Siiiiiiiilk.....

Caroline said...

You are EVIL!

I have no money for yarn now. No money. So I won't even click that link you gave. Or maybe I will, just for the free sample book. And maybe I'll buy a thing or two... maybe...

As for sushi, have you tried veggie ones? The avocadoe ones are delicious!

Toni said...

Evil indeed but thanks for the link!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

You forgot to mention charming translated web site.... Is it really IN Canada... I wonder if I can find it closer to home... Your studio photos are an inspiration.