Sunday, June 12, 2005

Pathetic summer knitting

Last night it "cooled" down to about 26° C before I went to bed. That's pathetic in itself.

We had a little "Knit in Public"-meeting at the airconditioned Gare Centrale yesterday, once I'd cooled down from just standing and waiting for the bus and using the metro to get there it was quite enjoyable.

Anything too fuzzy or wooly is out of the question, so what did I do? Start another sock, of course. But it is way to hot to knit in our apartment - I might consider looking "washing machine" instead of "TV" because it is cooler in the basement - and lots more dusty and uncomfortable, I might add. Not to forget the fact that the program tends to get boring after a while.

As of now I expect it will look like that for a loooong while...

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