Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Slub yarn, Lace etc.

The yarn's from AmiAmi, it's called AHS Slub Kasuri (the one on the left in the picture of my post from June 16th), it's a lace weight, it's variegated and this is how it knits up:

My swatch for future reference. Scanned with our new scanner that makes whiny noises but scans beautifully and way faster than our old one.

It's funny how, when you meet the perfect one, knitting lace with variegated, slightly slubbed yarn is suddenly the right thing to do.


Toni said...

Talk about producing objects--this swatch makes me want to buy from AmiAmi like right now!

Lauren said...

I have never even considered putting one of my knits on the scanner, but this is a great idea to show off the lace! Yours looks great, Mona!

Buttons said...

I wish I could order from them but I live in New Zealand, just as well huh? LOL
~hugs and love~