Friday, June 17, 2005

Musically tagged, 2nd ed.

Total Volume of Music on My Computer:
40.5 Megabytes = 12 songs and 4 parts of songs
I have no mp3 player either, what can I say, I like CDs and my stereo.

What is the last music you acquired?
Funnily enough it was an mp3 - "Amerika" from Rammstein

Song Playing Right Now:
None. My background music today is the TV.
The last song I heard was "Living on a dream" by Right Said Fred while driving.

Five Songs I Listen to A Lot: (i.e. LIKE to listen to a lot)
1. "Hunter"/Dido
2. "Mona"/Mike Batt (guess why?)
3. "Out of Reach"/Gabrielle
4. "I know what love is"/Right Said Fred
5. "Supergirl"/Reamonn

Passing on to 5 4 people:
That's difficult, since this has been around a if you're named and have already done it or don't want to take or leave it.
Lee Ann

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