Saturday, September 18, 2004

I try to do better

I like the principal idea of Sally Melville's Two-Tone-Top. That's why I wanted to knit one for my Mom. Turns out I need something more challenging. I don't mind plain stockinette stitch with this yarn, it looks nice. But the whole thing was just too plain, so I changed the design a bit. I call it "TTT with a twist".


Looks nice but quite boring, doesn't it? Well, here is how it looks now:


I think it's loads better, and it doesn't overpower the effect of the yarn itself either. The sleeves are going to be altered accordingly and I have a special idea for the neckline - need to think it through, though. One hint in advance: it is going to be a V-neck after I am finished with it.


Kajin said...

Very nice, Mona! It looks really great - how do you do it?

Mona strickt said...

Hi Kajin,
thanks, I like it, too. it's just a lattice pattern with lots of cabling involved. Every forth row or so you need to cross every single stitch, takes forever!