Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More, more, more....

...Kylie Minogue sings and that's how I feel about my knitting meetup yesterday. I am pretty sure I would love to have one every week - but once a month will have to do, I guess!

Either all knitters are friendly people or I just got very lucky. I enjoyed meeting and talking to the other fiber-holics so much, that I (literally) forgot to drink, eat and go to the bathroom - the last mentioned made the walk home from the metro quite a challenge...and when I came home I was asked "what were you thinking, staying out that late without telling me where you are? I've been imagining you mugged, dead, in the hospital..." (okay, not quite his words because he was talking German to me, but you get the drift). Oh, how I feel loved and cared for! No irony here, I mean it!

Back to knitting: in case anyone wondered, I brought a sock (selfstriping yarn) and the back of my Mom's "Two-tone-Top" to knit. I ended up knitting on both projects, having to knit back some rows on the sock-heel because all the talking kept me from paying attention to turning the heel correctly. I really liked the variety of projects brought because I enjoy looking at knitting from others. Leaves made from linen (can you imagine? they look almost real!), a scarf, a pullover (how soft the yarn was!), socks (with a cast-on I've never tried), intricate cables on a mitten (I think) and a kiddie pullover - can't wait to see what everyone has on their needles next!


Kajin said...

Hi Mona!
It was nice meeting you too - and you are right, those purple things are fingerless mittens.
Congratulations on your brand new blog, and happy knitting! :-)

Kajin (aka Nancy!)

Mona strickt said...

My first comment! How exciting. Thank you, Nancy! (I wanted to visit your blog, too, but of course I forgot the name...couldn't find it! Oh, my brain is a sieve...)

Kajin said...

Hi again Mona! It's

Have fun! :-)