Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Look what I got!

I did NOT have the time to block the sleeves yesterday - no wonder. But I did get some goodies from Germany, look:

A "Sabrina" knitting magazine and a ball of Trio Tahiti Brillant for a fancy scarf. Thank you, Mommy!

It is unbelievable in what contexts one can find yarn...this afternoon we spent time in the Ch√Ęteau Ramezay Museum and there was some YARN (100% wool) in the museum shop! It is kind of special because it was dyed with plants, supposedly Cranberries (it says so on the label). Of course I had to have a skein. And the price was ok, too: 8.80$ for 110 g.

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Kajin said...

Strange, isn't it? I also found yarn when we visited the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa this summer - though it was behind a glass, not in the shop! The sign explained that you could use plants (mushrooms, in that particular case) to dye textiles. Have fun visiting Montreal with your mother! :-)