Thursday, September 30, 2004

About waterfalls and yarn shopping

On Tuesday eight o'clock sharp (plus 10 minutes...) my Mom and I got into the car and started our journey to Niagara Falls. The driving isn't that bad except around and in Toronto...waah! Talk about impo(ssible)lite drivers! Haven't heard that much honking in the two years I've been living in Montreal.

On our way to the Falls I had the brilliant idea that yarn shops deserve a sign just as much as museums, wineries and other tourist attractions, don't you think? It would make locating them so much easier. Did you know that Niagara Falls doesn't have a yarn shop?? Very disappointing but not surprising. Here is one of the not at all disappointing reasons we drove there:

I think I took a hundred pictures...

Then this morning off to Romni - very exciting! It got less and less so when we were stuck in a traffic jam from hell just before Toronto and then I missed the correct exit (of course). To make a long story short: around 10.45 we arrived to look for a suitable parking space. All we could find was one for an hour - which, as any yarn addict can confirm, is not enough for a thorough perusal of a large yarn store. To be honest: at that point I didn't give a damn about a possible parking ticket.

Isn't this heaven? At least that's how I picture it. And lots and lots of cones in the basement. I am almost embarrassed to tell you what I actually bought. Being overwhelmed by all this choice I decided to stick with yarn I knew I wanted, and, of course, being on a budget didn't make it easier.

This is it. Two balls of the new "Regia silk" for a pair of socks and three "Noro Kureyon" Color 146 - a possible scarf for me. I know, could have been so much more! Too bad that the shop is so far away, I would go there all the time.

This is my Mom after shopping at Romni, which is located at 658 Queen St West and not at all hard to find - even I could manage it.

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Michelle said...

Ah, nothing like a visit to Romni...I can spend hours in there too. Very dangerous. [g]