Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What to bring?

Tonight I am going to my first knitting meetup here in Montreal. I am really looking forward to it and wondering which one of my WIPs to bring.

This morning I ordered 9 hanks Classic Elite 03 Tweed in charcoal from elann because last night I couldn't fall asleep. If you can't see the connection, I'll give you one: while lying in bed wrestling with the Sandman I thought up a design for a vest. A vest for the very husband who thinks that these are garments for old men. I swear I will prove him wrong!

While sitting here thinking what else to write I am staring at my calender which sports a Van Gogh this month. Looking at it it occurs to me that the yarn elann offers next Tuesday reminds me very much of this painting. The tweedy yarn with specks of color comes in all of the hues I would need to knit up a Van Gogh. How cool is that?

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