Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, mein Schatz! *

* Happy Birthday, honey!

Like theYarn Harlot I ended up marrying a very special person, and like her I have my very special reasons to be thankful for my "birthday boy". And here he is (this morning, around 7.30 a.m.)

I still can't believe that I actually got a picture without him sticking his tongue out (yet another reason why I have to insist on calling him birthday boy). And he looks happy, doesn't he? Maybe that is because I couldn't finish his vest, but lets not jump to conclusions.

As my cousin puts it I am lucky to have ended up with a "good one", someone who can surprise me to no end just when I thought I had figured him all out. Someone who doesn't mind spending his hard earned money on a fairly expensive plane ticket just because I am feeling homesick and need to see my Mommy. Someone who can finish a sentence that I begin and gets it right. Someone who doesn't give a lot about birthday and christmas presents but brings me home little gifts during the year, just because. Someone who tells me daily that he loves me, and repeatedly so. Someone who doesn't mind my poor housekeeping. Someone who gets excited when I actually do the dishes right after dinner. Someone who does the ironing for me "because I like it" (he does like ironing, really!). Someone who listens patiently (for the most part) to my "knitting stuff". Someone who quotes movie lines and makes me laugh. Someone who might end up wearing his vest after all...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday 'honey'! He sure seems like a special 'boy'. LOL! Hope we get to see the finished vest! ;)