Saturday, November 06, 2004

Shopping sprees

The title refers to what I have been doing today and hope to continue!

But first: Kajin, thanks, I am feeling much better today! Lee Ann: glad I could be of help!

Rolf and I have been shopping for a new winter coat for him. I was a bit anxious because he can be difficult when it comes to clothes - I said can, and today he wasn't and we were lucky!! I don't like shopping at Winners for myself but shopping for Rolf there has been great today. We found not one jacket but two, I like them both and they were less together than I expected one to be. Hooray.

The next shopping spree isn't exactly one. I don't think I will be buying a lot when I (or "we" since V. might come along) check out "Mouliné yarns" but you never know, it is a yarn store after all!

And I have a confession to make. To whom I don't know 'cause it was surprisingly sanctioned as "OK" by Rolf but here it goes: I broke down and ordered Peruvian Highland wool from elann - with the Canadian Dollar so strong it is actually right now only 2.70 CAD a ball!! I've never knitted with it but can't wait to get started with the design I've been cooking up.

With all the talk about Shedir I've been thinking about knitting one myself. I am awfully thankful that I don't know anyone who needs it as a chemo cap and so I only have to wonder "whom for?" (or is it "who for?") The pattern is just so clever and intruiging. I look awful in hats, I have started wearing them nonetheless in our very cold Montreal winters (only after having gotten ill two times - didn't I tell you I am a slow learner?), but I am not sure if I am ready for Shedir, as much as I like the design.

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