Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Entrevue vs. Interview

Conducting a job interview in French is no piece of cake, I can tell ya! Why is it that when you need your brain the most it seems it has gone to mush? This is a totally rhetoric question since I know quite well why I was more babbling than procuring well thought out sentences. I was sooo NERVOUS! Lets leave it at that, it's done with the interview and I don't want to think about it any more.

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck - it was neccessary, oh yeah.

Yesterday afternoon I blew a fuse by changing a light bulb. There was no electricity in our apartment, except for the fridge, microwave and stove. It happened when it just started to grow dark - of course. Our Concierge was due back from work after six, he changed the fuse (he used a 15 amp. - we need a 25 amp.) and asked me not to turn on the offending lamp 'cause that might blow the fuse again. I asked politely when he would bring the needed 25 amp. fuse. He said: "Oh, you can go and buy one yourself." I was so stumped by this that I didn't respond at all. I mean, even though I can't deny I blew the fuse isn't that his job being the Concierge and all?

You can imagine my mood coming late to our S&B - which happened to be at a yarn store yesterday. Never underestimate the calming effect of wool...and of course the presence of well meaning friends. Which didn't stop me from ranting again once I came home and told my husband all about the events of the day... :-P

I was just finished with writing all of the above when the doorbell rang and the Concierge and a member of the management came in. They changed the fuse and even made me check that stupid lamp - there is a short circuit in the cables. Now I don't have a reason to be mad anymore and I feel like a deflated tire because all the hot air has been taken away...I won't change the post though because I still think it was not the right thing to say to me.

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