Tuesday, November 30, 2004

100 out of a million...

Done to death and yet the best way to get to know me a bit better.

1. I was born a week before my mother's 20th birthday.
2. That was in 1970 and she wasn't married.
3. That's why at first my grandpa wouldn't have anything to do with me - until he laid eyes on my cute little butt face
4. I was christened a catholic and until I was six I loved to go to church
5. When I started school they made me a lutheran protestant
6. Now I am an agnostic
7. I didn't know that my "father" adopted me until I was 28
8. I have three half-siblings, a sister and two brothers
9. I am bad at science, I do much better with languages
10. I married a scientist
11. We got married in Kamloops, BC in 1999
12. When I was younger I had a real bad temper - sometimes even now
13. My patience runs short, but I am getting better at it
14. My husband and I started the immigration process for Quebec in December 1999
15. It took until September 2002 to get the papers
16. On September 29 in 2001 I joined my husband in Carbondale, Illinois where he was doing a post-doc
17. It wasn't sure if we could make our flight because of 9/11
18. We moved to Montreal in October 2002
19. I regret not having visited Provence/France while it was a lot easier
20. I miss German Christmas-time rituals
21. Germans unwrap their presents on the evening of December 24th - we still do so
22. I am a librarian (with a German degree that's not worth a penny here)
23. I worked in a department store on saturdays to help finance my studies
24. My sister is a pharmacist - I always wanted to be one until I found out that I suck at science
25. My sister and I are like oil and water - we don't mix
26. I have tinnitus
27. I am allergic to a lot of things
28. I have a scar in my right eye that cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses
29. Therefore my eyesight on this eye is only 40%
30. When I have to give blood I frequently faint
31. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie of all times
32. I rarely cry in public
33. I am embarrassed easily
34. I am very curious
35. I love to cook but not cleaning afterward
36. Housework is high on my "How-I-hate-that" list
37. I love coffee - with lots of milk and quite sweet
38. Truffels are my favourite chocolate
39. I make a kick-ass Lasagne - says my husband
40. I love to read
41. Yes, I love Harry Potter
42. And the Outlander series, too
43. I am bibliophile - don't mistreat my books or else!
44. I've been writing a journal since I was ten
45. I love paintings by Gustav Klimt, but not necessarily "the Kiss"
46. I rush into things and lose interest fast and quite frequently
45. I have a godson called Lasse
48. I am afraid that he won't recognize me when he sees me again
49. I have no clue when that will be
50. He is the son of my best friend in highschool, Nicole
51. The older I get the more I seem to cry about stupid things
52. Intolerance makes me angry
53. I am all for gay marriage
54. I believe in womens' rights but am not necessarily a feminist
55. I am attracted to everything out of the ordinary
56. which doesn't mean that I will like it
57. The only fish I really like is Tuna and Salmon
58. But I refuse to eat it uncooked
59. I have a thing for fountain pens
60. If I had a lot of money I would buy all the "Pelikan" Fountain pens I could get my hands on
61. I am a collector, I collect stupid things
62. I used to be obsessed with blue glass, now I kind of hate it
63. I used to be obsessed with matchboxes, too. I still have way too many of them.
64. I you need matches, contact me. You have to pick them up though, because it's forbidden to send them by mail.
65. I have a thing for organization but cannot stay organized.
66. I am convinced that everything needs to have its place which doesn't mean I put it back there when I used it.
67. I had long hair until I was 27.
68. My hair is as straight as it comes.
67. In my teens I was a Madonna fan and tried to dress like her.
68. I wasn't really succesful but I developed my own "style".
69. Today I would be much too embarrassed to wear half of that stuff in public.
70. I knitted my first pullover when I was 13 - and it was my own design
71. Knitting was very handy when it came to my outrageous fashion style.
72. My grandmother said on occasion that she wouldn't want to be seen with me on the street - she never made me change, though.
73. I was very good at school until I turned 15. I think that was my rebellious phase.
74. I regretted slacking when I had to pass my "Abitur" - it was too late then.
75. I learned Latin for seven years - all I remember is "veni, vidi, vici" and "alea iacta est". Okay, maybe a bit more...
76. It hasn't helped me a bit in my professional career.
77. But then, nothing I learned at school did, except for the English language.
78. When I visited Canada for the first time in 1989 a kid asked me if we had electricity in Germany.
79. I can't believe the educational system here is really that bad.
80. I try to be informed what goes on in the world, but since I don't care for politics the details elude me.
81. I talk back to the TV when I see something/someone that upsets me.
82. It happens a lot lately.
83. I get embarrassed for those people on TV who'd do anything to be on a show.
84. I am not embarrassed to admit that I like Buffy, Angel and the Gilmore Girls.
85. But I also enjoy CSI and ER
86. Not to forget all the Star Trek series, though Voyager is my favourite.
87. I avoid reality shows like the plague
88. I love going to the movies.
89. I am a sucker for chick-flicks.
90. But mostly I have to watch them alone.
91. Action movies and Sci-Fi I get to watch with my husband.
92. I love to travel, I've been to 14 different countries so far.
93. High on my favourite list is Scotland
94. I think I could be happy living there
95. Spending an evening with friends playing board games is a favourite pastime of mine
96. It can't be a strategic game though, I am not good at strategic games. I need the "luck-factor".
97. I drink alcohol only in company, never alone at home.
98. I yet have to learn to say "no" to people, I often pressure myself into things I'd rather not do.
99. I have good intentions when it comes to eating but I know I don't eat enough fruit and vegetables.
100. I prefer comfort food to "cuisine".

What, that's it?

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wenders said...

OMG! We have to be best friends now that I know that you like Star Trek, too. I grew up watching it and LOVE it. I am certain that I will find out who my true love is when they will watch Star Trek reruns with me. (And, I took German for 7 years, and remember about as much of that as you do Latin.)