Saturday, November 13, 2004

One down, one more to go

We are talking about the Two-Tone-Tops. I (finally) finished the one for my sis and hey, sewing it up really wasn't that bad.

The sleeves went in quite smoothly, I was a bit worried about that. It worked out fine. It looks a bit blah, I have to admit. Ah well, it's just the right thing to throw on with a jeans and go wherever, isn't it?

Technical details:
Yarn: Schoeller&Stahl Geisha in navy and nile blue, I used 2 balls of navy and a little bit more than two balls of nile blue. This baby only weighs 202 g!!
Needles: It's knitted with 4mm Needles, the gauge is very loose, on purpose because it's a mohair yarn. Next time I am going to use a 3.5mm needle because now I think that would be loose enough.
Gauge:I don't remember and can't find my notes...I guess the same as was given in the pattern since I followed it.

I'm in finishing gear. I took a hard long look at my calendar, counted, calculated, went white as a sheet (hardly) and stormed off to my christmassy projects...


Toni said...

It's not blah at all--very pretty! And you're right that it's a great wear whenever sweater.

Anonymous said...

Stop checking the calender and knit, knit, knit!!! You can do it but you might have to stop blogging to knit like crazy. ;)

Jo, still waiting on her Elann order. ;)

Anonymous said...

Go go go! :-) I'm still waiting on my Elann order too (2 colours of Peruvian Alpaca. I can't help myself...) and getting a bit panicky about how much I was hoping to have done by now...calendar, what calendar? ;-)
Kitty hat-turned-balaclava is almost done, yay!

Lee Ann