Friday, November 05, 2004

Wading in wadding or: Where's my head?

I don't feel well. My head feels like it's wrapped in wadding (you know, that white stuff used in quilts) and everything around me seems far away. I don't really feel ill, I just don't feel well. How I hate that. Maybe that is why I am having difficulties finishing the vest. Why is it that I have this very clear idea in my head how it is supposed to look like but can't make it work??

I started the ribbing on the neck twice only to rip it out again. I think I need to put it aside and try again tomorrow. It's not that I don't have anything else to knit on.

Afternoon: Montreal knitters can get excited about a new yarn store in town: Mouliné Yarns, 2679 Nôtre-Dame Ouest, at the corner Levis/Nôtre-Dame and quite close to the Lionel Groulx Metro station. Jo has already paid a visit to it and she seems to like it a lot. If I am not mistaken we will read all about it on her blog soon...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, am I that predictable? LOL! Of course I did a review on my blog! I couldn't be happier of a new yarn store in Montreal. Also it is really accessible by subway which is perfect for me. Hope you like it as much as I do, they have Regia Silk! ;)


Kajin said...

I hope you feel better soon, Mona! I hate when I'm feeling like that - can't think or do anything good!! Fortunately, that passes and we get our wit back ;-)
Have a nice week-end (and don't spend too much in that new store ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, another knitter in Montréal, hooray! Mona, I'm so glad you posted the address of the new yarn store on your site, because it wasn't on Jo's review (hi Jo! ;-)) and it's not on Mouliné's website. I'm going there today with my six year old daughter...planning about four projects...and I'm so excited!

Lee Ann Balazuc