Sunday, November 07, 2004

Another breakdown

I can't deny that it was I who wrote "why knitting what everyone else is knitting?" Heck, what do I care what I said last week, it's my prerogative to change my mind. I started "Shedir" last night. The pattern is just irresistible. I am using the Cranberry-dyed handspun (I think it is) yarn I bought at the Château Ramezay with my Mom. I am not so thrilled with the outcome. I blame it on the very uneven yarn. That's why my stitch definition sucks.

Since I don't believe in regrets I won't be going on about how "I should've bought the one ball of Calmer yesterday at our beautiful new LYS - even though one ball is 17,95 CAD...", nooooo, I won't do that. Instead I will brave the 100% wool, rustic feeling (an euphemism for scratchy - maybe a good rinse with Eucalan will remedy that) yarn and hope for the best.

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Kajin said...

I think your Shedir looks great! Uneven yarn is usually not so good for that kind of pattern, but it's not that bad on your cap - at least from what I can tell looking at the picture!